To Post or Not to Post As I’ve been exploring the pregnancy and mom social media options since being pregnant, I’ve noticed there are consistent topics that I’m so confused why they are on social media at all. In today’s episode, we talk about posts and conversation that beg the question, “Should this be a post?” At 38 weeks pregnant,Continue reading “To Post or Not to Post”

How Things Have Changed I’m officially 37 weeks pregnant, which means it’s any day now – yay! Over the past month or so, we’ve taken four prenatal classes to help ourselves prepare for our new addition. Not only have these been helpful, but they’ve also highlighted differences in how our parents raised us vs. the current day recommendations.Continue reading “How Things Have Changed”

Priority Shift I’ve now been unemployed for four and a half months. Crazy! During this time, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and I’ve been working with a career coach. In today’s episode, we talk about how our priorities shift as we get older, and for some, when we start our families. So ifContinue reading “Priority Shift”

Baby Shower & Prenatal Class It’s been a busy couple of weeks between hosting my baby shower and attending our first prenatal class. Join me this week as I discuss my favorite and least favorite parts about being pregnant as well as what we learned in class. Instead of a transcript today, here’s some photos of the great event! 

Forty Years Young I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but as of two days ago, on July 30th, I’m officially over the hill -yep! I’m forty years old. What?! How did that happen already? No seriously – how the heck did that happen already? Every birthday, I like to do a little gratitude practice as wellContinue reading “Forty Years Young”

The End of an Era: Leaving my 30’s and Starting my Third Trimester This week marks the beginning of my third trimester and the end of my 30’s. Wow! I’m officially 28 weeks pregnant and have made the turn to the final stretch of my pregnancy, in more ways than one! Yep, that was a pregnancy joke about stretch marks folks, In case you weren’t sure. Hey,Continue reading “The End of an Era: Leaving my 30’s and Starting my Third Trimester”

Career Change: Taking the First Step When it comes to your career, you may get to a point where you’re not sure what the next step is. How do you figure it out? In this week’s episode, we talk about how I took my first step to a career change in hopes this episode helps you prepare for your nextContinue reading “Career Change: Taking the First Step”

Creating Your Mommy Tribe Whether you’re the first one in your social circle to get pregnant, or in my case, the last, doing things on your own time sometimes can leave you feeling lonely. I’m so happy we waited to start a family, but sometimes it feels like I missed the boat to experience it with my friends.Continue reading “Creating Your Mommy Tribe”

Dependent on Independence Day Well Hello there and Welcome to My Almost Midlife Crisis, the show that dives into that tricky time in our lives when we are no longer young, but we aren’t old yet either. I’m your host, Jennifer Villamil. Happy 4th of July everyone! Although I will say living in Chicago, it’s not my favoriteContinue reading “Dependent on Independence Day”