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A new season of Sex and the City is like Christmas coming early for Millennials. The first two episodes came out last week and hit on a lot of topics we have discussed on this podcast – have they been listening? In today’s episode, we discuss the new season and how we relate to the ladies as they are today.

So I don’t normally don’t reviews of shows on this podcast, although I could because I watch a shocking amount of TV. I honestly don’t know how I have time to fit it in, but you’d be surprised. Some of my current favorites – Succession, Morning Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm and MTV Challenge – yes, I still watch the Challenge and have seen every show in every season. I’m even watching the Challenge All Stars because at this point I feel like I genuinely know these people and therefore need to see them on these shows. And those don’t even scratch the surface. But out of all the shows I’ve ever watched, Sex and the City is by far my favorite. Why? 

Well, first of all the character development in the show is great – especcially Samantha’s character. Think about it, when the show started, they portrayed her as just shallow, promiscuous and the one that would drop the F bomb and say shocking things. But as the seasons went on, her character, really evolved and grew – like a real person would. She had so much depth and layers that she was my favorite character – misunderstood but also upfront and honest. But what is fascinating, and one of my theories on why women love this show so much, is that while we can all say which character we relate to the most – are you a Samantha? Or a Carrie? The reality is D. All of the above. Every single woman has a portion of each character in them and therefore can relate in some way to all four main characters. Charlotte, the hopeless romantic that is also a perfectionist and always tries to see the best in others. Miranda, the career orientated woman who at some point realized that she wanted to have it all – family and kids, but in her way and without giving up what’s important to her. Samantha, the sexual being that lives life to the fullest both in love and with friends. She’s authentically herself no matter if you like her or not and has the type of confidence that you either have or strive to have. And Carrie, the goofy, a little lost and sometimes awkward overthinker that has a fabulous wardrobe and shoes we would all die for. All of us can see a part of ourselves in each of the characters – Name another show that can do that. 

For this elder Millennial, the news that my favorite show was coming out with a new season was like unwrapping the first Christmas gift of the year. And to my surprise, it was more than I expected. Let’s be honest – my expectations were low on this one, but I would have never missed it. It’s like Fast and the Furious. How many of them are there? Like 54? Yet there are people (who, I don’t know but people) that will still watch #55 when it comes out and be excited about it. Sex and the City has so many seasons, multiple movies and honestly they could be doing episodes well into their 90’s, and my ass would still be watching it. I heard a lot of chatter before it came out talking about how the cast was looking older and disappointing that Kim Cattrall wasn’t involved – the beloved Samantha. The sheer fact Samantha wouldn’t be involved gave me pause but I wanted to see for myself. 

Ok, last warning as I’m going to jump into the first two episodes so if you haven’t seen it, hit pause, and come back. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

So premiere night, I had a girlfriend over because Sex and the City is good to watch no matter what – it’s always better when watched with girlfriends. And why I wanted to talk about it on this podcast is it almost felt like they had taken multiple of my past episodes and did a show around them. Like my first episode called “To Botox or not to Botox”, I talked about the perils of getting older and how to deal. Like do you die your hair when you start going grey? Or do you get Botox? Both of these topics came up within the first ten minutes of the show. Miranda is sporting a full head of grey hair this season and Charlotte, unfortunately has fallen to the trap of too much work done. In the opening scene at lunch, Charlotte encourages Miranda to dye her hair so it’s not grey when she goes back to school and can appear younger. Spoiler – she doesn’t and sticks with it but does have a hint of insecurity later because it was brought up. I will say, Miranda is pulling off the grey. Girl looks great – and honestly has aged really well. Her response to Charlotte was around her Botox and how she dies her hair. And I have to say it – I love Charlotte, and always thought she’s beautiful, but girl’s gone too far with the Botox and fillers and whatever else she’s gotten done. It’s honestly a little sad because she clearly felt like she needed it but I think she would have looked better without! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people that’s against getting work done. In fact, between the time of my first episode and now, I did go in for my first Botox and filler appointment. And I have another one tomorrow to re-up. Christian isn’t thrilled about it and rolls his eyes when I go in, but it’s my face. My face, my choice. In his defense, he’s concerned I’m going turn out like Charlotte or a real housewife (except Emily from OC, she’s amazing). And yes, now Charlotte is one of those examples of what not to do. Carrie and Miranda definitely look older as well – because they are! I mean, they’re in their 60’s. It’s kind of ridiculous that anyone is talking about how they look older. What is the expectation exactly? They’re going to look like they did 20 years ago? This show came out in the 90s people – it’s 2021. I’d have a big problem if they didn’t look older. You can’t have it both ways – do you want to celebrate women aging and their natural mature beauty? Or do you want them to defy nature and try to live up to an impossible standard for the rest of their lives. And yes, coming from someone that gets a little done – I do realize there’s a fine line between natural beauty and a little support though the years from your local physician. But no matter which way you choose – don’t shame women if they look older. They’re supposed to – and they are still beautiful. 

Then we have the role of Peloton this season. If you listen to this podcast or know me, you know I’m obsessed with Peloton. What I thought was interesting and pointless was that they used the brand Peloton yet changed the name of a Peloton instructor and made her from Spain. It would be one thing if they didn’t use the brand name so therefore couldn’t use the Jess Sims’ real name, but they did – so why bother? I mean, it seems like a small detail, but I get annoyed when shows or movies change small details for no reason at all. Like making her from Spain did nothing more for the story than leaving her as she is. I’m sure you didn’t pay Peloton less or her less for her appearance, so seriously, why? But outside of that – to use my beloved Peloton as the cause of Mr. Big’s death? How dare you! I do like how in Miranda and Steve’s convo (which also btw, Bigg and Steve look almost the same – damn them!) but their convo pointed out clearly the bike didn’t cause his death it made me laugh. As an ad person, it made me wonder if that was in the contract between Peloton and the show – like you can use the bike in this way, but you have to mention that it didn’t cause his death. But c’mon! Mr. Big dies? What the hell! After everything they’ve been through? They survived a pandemic and now he dies working out? C’mon! Can I say, my friend and I were in full tears during this scene and the funeral scene. Considering how much Christian works out, my first thought was omg, what if that happened to me and I walked in after being out with friends to find him like that? Worst nightmare for sure. 

Another big conversation was how the show dealt with Samantha’s departure. There were three times Samantha was mentioned during the show. Two were in attempt to give insight as to why she wasn’t there – well show based insight because we all know the reason she wasn’t there. Insight Number 1 – she moved to London and they drifted apart. Insight Number 2 – she was upset with Carrie that she was no longer her publicist, and it ruined the friendship. Then at the end they had Samantha give a massive bouquet of orchids to sit atop Mr. Big’s coffin during his funeral. And you had people online being like – what a good friend. What a good friend? No, a really good friend would have flown in for the funeral. But the conversation around Samantha reminded me of my podcast episode 16: More than Facebook Friends. As we get older, relationships change, even with those that you thought were going to be your best friend forever. It’s sad, but that’s life sometimes. So while I’m sad that Samantha wasn’t in the show – it almost made it more realistic that she wasn’t. It’s very rare to have multiple best friends last thirty years. If you have done it – congrats, you’re lucky. But it’s not common. And therefore I kind of appreciate the way they played it off. 

Lastly, two random thoughts:  

First, Miranda bringing the wine in her purse to the kids’ piano concert. While Charlotte scoffed, I loved it. Hell, that’s gonna be me. Why do they have kids events that parents have to join, that doesn’t serve alcohol? Just because the kids can’t drink, doesn’t mean the parents don’t want to. I love that she just pulled it out of her purse. That’s one the great things as you get older – you get more resourceful, and you don’t care what others think. 

Second, How sad that Mr. Big died when Carrie was wearing her wedding shoes – those gorgeous blue Manolo Blahniks? I actually considered getting these for my own wedding to be my something blue and to have my very own sex and the city moment – but have you ever tried on Manolo Blahniks? I went to Nordstrom and tried on a pair and the second my foot was in the shoe, I had immediate shooting pains in my feet. I don’t have wide feet, I don’t have to buy that size with the W on them in shoes. But who’s feet fit in these comfortably to do what we see Carrie do in the show? Either she has very small feet, or they adjust for her – because in real life, those shoes are a beautifully made hell for your feet. 

If that was the first two episodes, I can’t wait for the rest! I just wish they would release them all at once so I can binge them! 

Out of everything that happened in the first two episodes, what I loved most about the new Sex and the City season, was how it was realistic. It was three women, who have been friends for almost 30 years. It was their lives now, not them trying to relive their younger years. It was their relationships now, not their relationships as they were in their 30’s. It showed the real struggle of being a woman and coming to terms with aging. It showed how as you get older sometimes you struggle to see where you fit in. And sometimes you don’t feel as fabulous as you did 20 years ago. But it also showed that no matter your age, you can still be fabulous. You can maintain true friendships that are honest and supportive. And while you’ve evolved in a lot of ways, sometimes, you’re still just the girl sneaking a bottle of wine into a show. And you wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks so much for listening today – would love to hear your take on the first episodes so feel free to comment on my Instagram and Facebook or within my blog at myalmostmidlifecrisis.com. Until next time!  

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