The Retinol Purge

Today we’ll be talking about The Purge. I’m not referring to the movie The Purge, which was terrifying! Retinol has a ton of perks like reducing or even eliminating adult acne or zits. It also helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Now that all sounds great. I’m sure when I said that you were like “Oh, reducing fine lines and wrinkles? I no longer have zits? Sign me up!”

I do feel like it helped and I would advocate for it but the piece we’re going to talk about today is not the benefits. It’s the downside and what they call The Retinol Purge. It’s just as terrifying as the movie, except it’s on your face.

When my dermatologist prescribed Retinol for me, they always go through things to watch out for, potential side effects and I will say sometimes the side effects make you not even want to take a prescription drug cuz you’re like maybe I’ll sleep better but I may die in the process so maybe I shouldn’t take it.

That’s why I love those prescription TV commercials cuz they go through “oh this is wonderful and it will solve all your problems but hey, fine print – you’ll get a heart attack, blood clots, death and potential suicide.” It’s like, um, maybe I’ll just live with the current condition I have. It’s not as drastic. You aren’t going to die from using Retinol. Your skin purging out anything that’s in there for an entire four to six to maybe eight weeks at the most.

So, what that means is when you start using it, your skin looks horrendous. There are black heads, white-heads and zits. You start questioning all of your previous skincare choices up until that point. So, you look like an acned-14-year-old kid for almost eight weeks. No makeup will cover it up. You’re just going to have to walk around in public looking like your worst nightmare as a teenager.

Once you get through that though, it’s amazing. But you just have to suck it up. We’re the suck it up generation. Our parents would be like “Suck it up!” all the time. If anything’s wrong. You fall down? “You’re not hurt, suck it up.” Or maybe that was just my parents.

And then you get out of that and you’re good! I mean I barely even get pre-period zits anymore. Maybe one or two.

Net/Net, Retinol Pro: I recommend using it. It does a great job. Con: You gotta suck it up and you just have to get through the purge. It will be ok, I promise, on the other end.

So that was our first side note. Hopefully you enjoyed it. A little snackable treat, a little laugh I could give you on a Monday morning.

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